GB-10 full motorized comparison microscope


GB-10 full motorized comparison microscope, the optical zoom, eyepiece with the same group, while two objects were observed around the object like a square field of view, which of the two exhibits by docking overlap comparison of macro and micro, the operation of the instrument can be done manually, can also be controlled by computer software, electric operation is complete and can be remotely through the network than the right. Warm with a high power LED lighting, air-cooled strong light. New electric 5 hole converter agencies, with 300 million high-definition CCD digital camera.

Optical microscopy system
Optical magnification 6,3×-100× (zoom 1:8)
Eyepiece 10X(23mm)and 20X(12.5mm)Wide Field Eyepiece
Objective  1X、 1.5X、 2.0X(stepping motor controlled fixed zoom change)
Working distance 100mm
The stage Mobile Range: X / 80 Y/80 Z/54, the level of rotation angle 0 ° -360 °,

the table in any direction angle 0 ° -60 ° can be achieved through

the computer manual can be unilateral or bilateral loading station

loading platform level rotation, to achieve three-dimensional motion.

Structure with ball screw and linear guide

Range of electric lift bridge 0~150mm,Electric hydraulic lifting device can be used to observe larger samples.
Material Field of the range observed φ1mm-φ90mm(With additional eyepiece, objective)
Focal plane precision fine-tuning: 0.002mm
Bullets start instrument Small bullets start instrument
Low magnification objective lens 0.4x/φ90
Magnification synchronization A magnification instructions about the same magnification lens to adjust the organization
Light source Strong light source: 50W/12V five-band air-cooled, light intensity adjustable.

Cold light source: high power LED warm light, up to 100,000 hours life,

with the lens, adjustable brightness and spot

Camera system 3 million high-definition digital camera, USB2.0,

resolution 1600 × 1200, no interpolation

Light Accessories Coaxial opticallensPolarized lens
Adapter And CCD camera adapter
Power supply 220V AC, 12V DC output, in line with international safety standards
PC Control Through the computer can be X, Y, Z axis and the stage rotated, depending

on the field switching operation can also be remotely through the network than

Professional forensic image analysis software for images capture and analysis. Professional package for measuring, 3D reconstruction, Z-stack, stitching, Z distance measuring etc. Measurement can be carried out both on the “live” image and on the image that is saved

The program management of the microscope gives the following advantages: the ability to save the configuration of the microscope for reuse in other studies, automatically determine the magnification, significant acceleration of complex operations, which can be easily reproduced at any time. Results (lengths, squares, and angles) are available as sheets that can be processed in relevant applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or Acrobat Reader. The software has a modular structure and allows you to add features to a large number of applications. For example, creating panoramic images in manual or automatic mode, creating high-resolution images, creating a surface profile, analyzing the phase composition of the structure, analyzing structures in accordance with the requirements of ISO, creating directories and archives, and so on.