GB-6 Comparison Microscope


Through optical magnifying, joint and superposition, analyze and compare two images of object field coverage which is observed by the same set of eyepieces to find minimum difference in microscopy and microscopy. It’s widely applied to distinguish minimum difference, such as bullet, tool mark, fingerprint, character or script and currency in the field of Public Security Bureau, Procuratorate, Court of Justice, Judicial Bureau, university, institute as well as electronics, agriculture, archeology, customs, bank.

Total magnification: 3x-173x

Eyepiece: WF10X/23mm  WF20X.12.5mm

Objective lens 0.7x-4.5x continuous variable objective lens

Zooming ratio 1:6.5.additional 0.4x objective lens and 1.6x lens

Working distance: 100mm

Objective field coverage: φ2mm-φ60mm.observe l&r single field coverage, overlapping and cutting field coverage.

Moving scope of object stage: widthwise 54mm lengthwise 54mm vertical 54mm.

Horizontal moving scope of two stages: 54mm.scope of synchronous lift up and down 54mm.

Camera system: equipped with 3 million pixel HD digital camera.USB2.0 interface. resolution 1024× camera interface.

Illumination: high power LED light source. brightness or facula adjusted.

Power: IC 220V IN.DC 12V out. world safety standard.

Accessories for choice: digital camera, New Bridge Engineering criminal investigation image processing software, computer