GB-8 motorized comparison microscope


GB-8 motorized comparison microscope is for the public, prosecutors, law and institutions, on the bullets, tool marks, text, currency, etc. than on the identification, can also be used in electronic, archeology, customs, banking and other industries and sectors. The operation of the instrument can be done manually, the software can also be electrically operated and can be done by a computer controlled remotely through the network than the right. Warm with a high power LED lighting, adjustable brightness and spot. With 300 million high-definition camera system.

* The total optical magnification: 3× -172×.

* Eyepiece: 10X (WF10/23) and 20X (WF20/12.5) wide field eyepiece.

* Objective: 0.63X-4.5X continuously adjustable, either manually zoom lens can be computer controlled. And can be remotely through the network than the right. 1:6,5 zoom.

* The stage: 80mm * 80mm, horizontal 80mm, vertical 54mm, vertical 70mm, horizontal linkage 45mm, water

* Flat rotation angle of 0 ° -360 °, the table in any direction angle 0 ° -60 °, but also through the computer can be manually

To achieve the stage of unilateral or bilateral level rotating the stage, to achieve three-dimensional motion. Structure and direct the use of ball screw Line of rail.

* Focal plane fine-tuning accuracy: 0.002mm

* Working distance: 100mm.

* Object side field: φ1mm-φ90mm, an additional objective 0.4X amnd 1.6x lens, can be left and right single field, separate docking overlapping field of view and observation; field of optical scanning and the traditional manual cutting can also be computer operation.

* Digital camera system: 3 million high-definition digital camera.

* Bullets start device: small bullets start instrument

* All-electric operation of the professional design, the latest version of the professional image processing software and electronic control operating system, equipped with the latest version of the Forensic image processing software, fuzzy image processing, multiple images automatically filter comparison, measurement, annotation, and linear curve plastic and other images can be automatically compared, remote comparison, universal cutting than the other.

* Illumination: The new high-power semiconductor (LED) light source, brightness, spot. Tint 300w power fiber cold light source, brightness, adjustable spot. Transmitted lighting. Strong multi-band light source (12V/50W) brightness is adjustable.