GB-25 Full motorized comparison microscope



Description: GB-25 is Full Motorized Digital Forensic Comparison Microscope, newly developed in 2016, is suitable to be used for forensic science laboratory research work, for compare all kinds of bullets, cartidge cases, cutting objects, paper documents and etc. It can be fully controlled by manual or computer software. High resolution digital color camera can output realtime image and video to computer, under professional crime image analysis software, it will be ideal tools for forensic scientists research work. With full comparison system function, and with steady quality at very competitive price, it is your best choice!

Total Magnification 6,3x~157x (1:25 zoom)

Motorized zoom magnification system

Objective Plan Aроchromatic 1x

Wide Field Eyepiece WF10x/23mm, WF20x/12mm

Motorized comparison bridge

Motorized/Manual Control to switch in full left/right channel, split-image or overlapping image comparison

Separation Line Adjusting System, with Special Designed Driver in Front panel of microscope

Motorized/Manual Control working stage X/Y/Z 3D movement

Magnification Correcting System, with left/right channel

Point LED Cold Light, High Brightness, Brightness Adjustable

Fluorescent lamp

Touch Panel Switch to Control Fluorecent & LED Light Source On/Off Separatly or Together All Light Source Brightness Adjustable, Position & Angle Adjustable Freely Full Range Light Source Accessories Included, Coaxial Light, Polarizing Light

High Resolution Color 5.0 CCD Camera, USB 3.0 Output,

Professional forensic image analysis software



BG-25  Motorized Digital Forensic Comparison Microscope Specification
Magnification 6,3x~157x (1:25 zoom)
Magnification control Manual/computer

Control unite with joystick and knobs for quick magnification change (up to 16 setting). Touch Screen Display for   indication the main microscope parameters (magnification, field of view, WD, resolution, etc.)

Head Ergonomic Trinocular Head, 5-30 ° Tubus adjusting.

Interpupilary Distance 50~75mm, Diopter +/-5 Adjustable.

50 vs/ 50doc or 100vs / 100doc observation
Eyepiece WF10x/23mm, High Eyepoint
Objective Plan Aроchromatic Objective 1x
Working Distance 60mm
Max.sample height Up to 110 mm
Magnification Correcting Magnification Correction System, left / right channel working independently and
Separation Line Adjusting Seperation Line Adjust System in Front panel, with Special Designed  Driver
Working Stage Square Manual Working Stage 100*100mm, Moving Range (X/Y/Z) 80*80*54mm (optional)
Motorize Working Stage 130* 130 mm, Moving Range (X/Y/Z) 100*100*54mm. X/Y/Z moving is synchronized.
Round Titable Working Stage Dia. 90mm, 0-45° Inclined, 360° Rotatable
Joint Left/Right Moving Range 54mm, Joint Up/Down Range 0~150mm
Light Source Point LED Cold Light, High Brightness, Brightness Adjustable (2 lamps in set)
Fluorescent lamp (2 lamps in set)
Adapter C-mount, 0,5x; 0,7x; 1,0x.
CCD Camera 5.0M High Resolution Color CCD Camera, USB 3.0 Output,

Sensor size – 1”, Pixel size 4,54 x 4,54 mm, 16 bit, Peltier cooling

Software Professional forensic image analysis software for images capture and analysis. Professional package for measuring, 3D reconstruction, Z-stack, stitching, Z distance measuring etc. Measurement can be carried out both on the “live” image and on the image that is saved

HighDynamicRange (HDR)  is available. Saving the configuration of the microscope for reuse The program management of the microscope gives the following advantages: the ability to save the configuration of the microscope for reuse in other studies, automatically determine the magnification, significant acceleration of complex operations, which can be easily reproduced at any time. Results (lengths, squares, and angles) are available as sheets that can be processed in relevant applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or Acrobat Reader. The software has a modular structure and allows you to add features to a large number of applications. For example, creating panoramic images in manual or automatic mode, creating high-resolution images, creating a surface profile, analyzing the phase composition of the structure, analyzing structures in accordance with the requirements of ISO, creating directories and archives, and so on.

Ergonomic stage Microscope is supplied with special ergonomic stage