BMI-5B research level inverted biological microscope


  1. Seidentopf head with Bertran lens, when Bertran lens in, users can check the optical pupil, work as centering telescope.
  2. Retroverted light frame making sure users has more working space, easy to change the sample.
  3. Turret type condenser LWD with six positions, inner fixed bright field phase contrast, DIC.
  4. Three layer mechanical stage, moving range 130 x 85 mm, flexible knob, can fix different small size stage on the top for different appkication.
  5. Turret type fluorescent cube holder easy to change.
  6. N-IPLAN PH PLAN Semi-Apo lens 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x.
  7. Middle zoom lens 1x; 1,5x.
  8. Both side optical output port, easy to upgrade for more applications such as laser confocal microscope.
  9. 96 well plates Terasaki holder (φ38mm and φ54mm)
Model BMI-5B BMI-5BF


Infinity NIS plan Semi-Apo optical system
Eyepiece High eye-point plan eyepiece PL10X/22, field of view: 22mm.
High eye-point plan eyepiece PL10X/25, field of view: 25mm
High eye-point plan eyepiece PL12.5X/17.5, field of view: 17.5mm
High eye-point plan eyepiece PL15X/16, field of view: 16mm
High eye-point plan eyepiece PL20X/12, field of view: 12mm
Objective N-IPLAN PH PLAN Semi-Apo lens 4X、10X、20X、40X
Nosepiece Revolving sixtuple nosepiece(with DIC slot)
Viewing Head 45°inclined trinocular head(with Bertrand lens)

interpupillary distance range: 47-78mm.

45°inclined binocular tilting head interpupillary distance range: 47-78mm.
Stage Three layer mechanical stage, moving range 130X85mm, flexible knob,

can fix different small size stage on the top for different applications



Coaxial focus system with up-limited and tension adjustment.
Coarse range: 9mm(up 2mm, down 7mm), coarse focus 2mm one circle,

fine focus: 0.2mm one circle.

Holder Terasaki holder(φ38mm and φ54mm)
Middle zoom 1X, 1.5X
Condenser N.A.0.55 long working distance turret type condenser, WD 26mm,

and fix with six different device: PH, DIC, bright field.

Main body


Turret type interface switch(left interface, right interface, eyepiece viewing

switch), beam splitting ratio: left side/100:0; right side/80:20; optional: 1:100



Bright field, dark field,

phase contrast, DIC

Bright field, dark field,

phase contrast, DIC, fluorescence



12V/100W halogen lamp kohler illumination, LED optional


100W mercury lamp

With max 6 fluorescent cube holder turret

type, center able iris diaphragm and field

diaphragm, three hole filter slide