BM-Y3 biological microscope


Excellent image quality with infinitive optical system.
Comfortable operating with ergonomic structure.

Better illumination with sliding-in centerable condenser, Convenient replacement with phase contrast and dark field condenser.


  1. Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10X/20 with Diopter Adjustment as Optional
  2. Comfortable Observation with Eyepoint and interpupillary adjustable
  3. Sliding-in Centerable Condense Adjustable
  4. Lamp Replacement by Direct Removing Housing


 Specification: BM-Y3


Compensation Free binocular head, 30° inclined,

Interpupillary 48-75mm

Compensation Free trinocular head, 30° inclined,

Interpupillary 48-75mm

Eyepiece Wide Field Eyepiece WF 10×/18
Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10×/20 with Diopter Adjustment
Objective Infinitive Semi-plan Achromatic Objectives 4×, 10×, 40×, 100×
Infinitive Plan Achromatic Objectives 4×, 10×, 40×, 100×
Nosepiece Quadruple Nosepiece
Stage Double Layers Mechanical Stage

140mm×140mm/  75mm×50mm

Condenser Sliding-in centerable condenser NA1.25
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Moving Range 20mm
Illumination S-LED Illumination, Brightness Adjustable
6V/ 20W Halogen Lamp, Brightness Adjustable
Phase Contrast Kit
Dark Field Attachment

Note: “●” in the table is standard attachment. “○” is optional accessories.
Design change: To keep pace with technological advances, we have reserved the right to make design modification and changes without notice