SSZM-701 stereo step zoom microscope



Characteristic and Function

  1. This microscope can produce clear image with balanced illumination light. It is easy to operate with comfortable observation, delicate construction and smart shape.
  2. This microscope can be used in the inspection, assembly and repairing of the electron components and slim precise accessory in electron industry, apparatus and instrument, precise mechanism industry. It can also be used in farming, spinning, medical dissection, geology, archaeology and carving for inspection, observation and even cultural relic identification.
Name Stereo Microscope
Model SSZM-701
Specification 1. Magnification:20×–40×–60×

2. Eyepiece: WF10×/ F.N 20

3. Objective: 2×/W.D 93, 4×/ W.D 75 6×/ W.D 75

4.Rotatable Binocular (360°)

5. Illumination: Transmission and Reflect Light

Optional Objective 1×/ W.D 80

Objective 3×/ W.D 69

Objective 4×/ W.D57

Eyepiece WF 15×/ F.N 13

Eyepiece WF 20×/ F.N 10