BMI-4B biological inverted microscope


Infinity color corrected optical system with excellent optical performance, makes the image clear and bright.

Phase contrast with the characteristics of high-contrast and low chromatic, highlights the cell outline and internal structure.

Efficient and compact appearance design, correspond ergonomics and save space for the labs.

High-precision focusing device and convenient illumination adjustment, help to achieve outstanding work.

Delicate mechanical design and reliable manufacturing skills, insure its fabulous stability—even under an adverse condition, it can be used enduringly as your most reliable friend.


Model BMI-4B


Infinity color corrected optical system
Eyepiece High eye-point plan eyepiece PL10X/22, field of view: 22mm.
High eye-point plan eyepiece PL10X/22, field of view: 22mm, with reticle.
High eye-point plan eyepiece PL15X/16, field of view: 16mm
Objective OLIPP2N long working distance

plan positive phase contrast objective 4X、10X、20X、40X

Nosepiece Revolving quintuple nosepiece(option: quadruple nosepiece)
Viewing Head 45°inclined binocular head, interpupillary distance range: 54-75mm.
45°inclined trinocular head, interpupillary distance range: 54-75mm.

fixed splitting ratio for binocular: trinocular= 80:20.

Stage Fixed stage size: 250x160mm, slider clips,

extension plate and coaxial moveable stage can be assembled.



Coaxial focus system with up-limited and tension adjustment.
Coarse range: 9mm, fine range: 0.2mm, fine precision: 0.002mm.



Coaxial focus system, range: 120x78mm, various of holders can be assembled.
Holder Slides holder(φ54mm and 26.5×76.5mm)
Teraseki holder(φ65mm and 56×81.5mm)
φ35mm Petri dish holder
Condenser N.A.0.3 Koehler illumination condenser, with phase-adjustable slide plate,

long working distance 72mm. The whole set can be rotated down.

Filter φ45mm green interference filter, color temperature change filter,

infrared eliminate filter

Illumination 5W warm color LED 12V3.3A external transformer, intensity adjustable.